“It's not the events of our lives
that shape us, but our beliefs
as to what those events

tony robbins

Media and Events

Akashparv site inaugration - Bhoomi poojan

20th January, 2013

The Bhoomi Poojan of our Ultra Premium Project, Akashparv was conducted at 9.00 AM on 20th January, 2013

Meghsparsh - Snehasohala

February 2016

The Handover ceremony of our Luxurious Apartments Project, Meghsparsh was conducted as an exclusive family event for all the residence owners and their families.

Sharada Alliance - Exhibition

October 2015

Our presence at one of the many real estate exhibitions held in Maharashtra was a great success in directly connecting with our customers and giving them a preview of what they can expect from our residences.

Sharada Pride Inaugration

21st August, 2016

The auspicious inaugration of Sharada Pride, our Luxurious Apartments and Commercial spaces in Phaltan, Maharashtra.

Spandan Handover Ceremony

27th November, 2016

The Handover ceremony of our Luxurious Terrace Apartments - Spandan in Warje took place at 10.00 AM on 27th November, 2016.

Dominos Store Inaugration at Step One

20th March, 2017

The Inaugration ceremony of well known Pizza brand, Domino's at our commercial space - Step One in Kothrud, Pune took place at 4.00 AM on 20th March, 2017.